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Recognizing social problems and defining their solutions: who is to do it? 

Now that the issue of Iran Zoroastrian Central Organization (IZCO) is hot, let's dive deeper. Why the ministry of interior affairs allow itself to specify such big budget to an organization which is not established and not legally registered yet? At the same time, why this ministry refuse to allocate the usual budget to one the well-established old Zoroastrian organizations: Ahwaz Zoroastrian Association (Ahwaz Anjoman)? Isn't it the legal duty of the ministry of interior affairs to support the legally registered organizations? While the so-called MP of Zoroastrian is responsible to allocate the budget between Zarthoshti organizations, why is he mute when he sees the ministry in front of him? Why doesn't he inform the Zoroastrian media to publish the facts for the society? Does it have any other name except: FEAR? 

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The tales of "Ghasre Firoozeh"
When Kaykhosrow Shahrokh goes to Reza Shah to buy the land of "Ghasre Firoozeh" he did not know that the Iranian Jews had proposed 50 thousand Tumans for this land against his bid of 15 thousand. But it is famous that Reza Shah said: " Once upon a time, the Zoroastrians were the owner of the whole land of Iran, and I cannot hesitate to let them have this very small piece of land." 

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Kaykhosrow Shahrokh, who was then the chairman of Tehran Zoroastrian Association (15th turn), he wrote in his memoirs: "We are thinking of providing a suitable place. I wish it was as if I was buying a new place and it's called after my wife, the late Firoozehand I offered it to the community. " 

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