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Talking to calm down; laughing and no change 

Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission meet some Zoroastrian authorities April 2010 at Markar cultural religious complex in Tehran. 3 problems of the Zoroastrian community is discussed: article 881 of the civil code, religious discrimination to recruit Zoroastrians in Iran army, and Ghasre Firoozeh land. 


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The tales of "Ghasre Firoozeh"
When Kaykhosrow Shahrokh goes to Reza Shah to buy the land of "Ghasre Firoozeh" he did not know that the Iranian Jews had proposed 50 thousand Tumans for this land against his bid of 15 thousand. But it is famous that Reza Shah said: " Once upon a time, the Zoroastrians were the owner of the whole land of Iran, and I cannot hesitate to let them have this very small piece of land." 

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